Gentle Touch Massage

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Hands on to your health
Our massage room
Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap

What to Expect... As I step out of the room, you will disrobe leaving only your underpants on. You will lay face down under a towel. You will remain appropriately draped at all times. The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes and consists of 3 main components:

  1. The exfoliating part where I use a warmed cream with some gritty particles and apply it to all areas...this causes a friction on the skin to remove dead and dry skin cells. Before I leave each area, I remove the product with nice warm towels.

  2. I apply a warmed moisturizing gel to all extremities, back, neck and abdomen and lightly cover each area with a lightweight plastic sheet. I then pull up all layers of sheets, thermal wrap and blankets, cocooning you. You lay quietly resting for approximately 20 minutes.

  3. I will remove the "cocoon" and use the moisturizing gel for an ending massage.

Your skin will feel very smooth with a large part of the dryness will feel quite relaxed.

Approximate time: 90 minutes - $100.00
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Photos courtesy of ABMP and Sojourn Media