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Hands on to your health
Hands on to your health

Fuel Wellness with a Healthy Lymph System

We are excited to introduce Biotone® Spa Services.

These services offer our clients an unforgettable spa experience by utilizing the principles of touch therapy to deliver profound relaxation & targeted professional results.

The Biotone® products are developed with specialized therapeutic ingredients from around the world. Each product is uniquely formulated for ease of application & removal while never leaving the dry room. In other words, there's no need to shower before leaving the treatment.

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of specific services offered. If you have questions, please contact me for more information.

Body Polish/ Salt Glow

This body treatment provides gentle to firm exfoliation. It stimulates circulation, lifts away dead skin, and boosts subsequent absorption of skin treatment products.

Approx. time: 30 minutes - $40.00

Spa Foot Treatment

This is a localized treatment that is pleasant by itself or combined with other treatments. The exfoliation part of the treatment stimulates circulation and removes dead skin. The mud portion then works to soften rough skin.

Approx. time: 30 minutes - $30.00

* Add this treatment to any massage - $20.00

Spa Back Treatment

This is a localized treatment that is excellent in combination with a full body massage. The exfoliation portion of the treatment will remove dead skin while stimulating the circulatory system. The mud portion will provide maximum therapeutic value in relaxing muscles and releasing tension.

Approx. time: 30 minutes - $30.00

* Add this treatment to any massage - $20.00

Facial Treatment

This is a localized treatment focusing on the face and anterior neck. The first part of the treatment is an exfoliation process. The second part is a massage of the face and neck. Each part uses a product designed specifically for these areas. Warm towels are used before and after the exfoliation part.

Approx. time: 20 minutes - $20.00

Spa Mud Body Wrap

This treatment includes exfoliation with body polish or salt glow, application of one of 3 varieties of mud followed with the wrap, and ending with a brief massage using Massage Butter or Lotion.

The benefits of the Seaweed Wrap are remineralization, smoothing, stimulation and detoxifying skin and body.

The Black Mud attracts and absorbs toxins, enhances normal cell function, hydrates, and cleanses.

The Rose Clay Mud moisturizes, protects, and soothes.

Approx. time: 105 minutes - $120.00

Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap

This is a great treatment for those who have dry skin. It includes an exfoliating step, followed by a full body wrap using a moisture binding cream, and concludes with a mosturizing body massage. See more specific detail here.

Approximate time: 90 minutes - $100.00


Photos courtesy of ABMP and Sojourn Media